Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Netcetera fold like a cheap suit

The mighty Quackometer blog has been pulled by its hosts, Netcetera, apparently because of ludicrous legal threats made by one Joseph Chikuele Obi. This follows a previous attempt by the Society of Homeopaths to get the website shut down.

Encouragingly, it seems that this will have no effect at all, as the Quackometer will shortly re-appear hosted by Positive Internet, who host Bad Science, amongst others.

Obviously, there ought to be some protection against genuinely defamatory material on the web, but there also ought to be some protection for bloggers against the sheer frivolity that has characterised the threats against the Quackometer. The Quackometer has provided a useful service by exposing quackery of all kinds, and it's a shame that its author, Dr Andy Lewis, has been subjected to such nonsense.


Happily, the Quackometer is now back online and causing trouble for quacks and frauds, courtesy of Positive Internet. You can read all about the saga here.

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