Friday 21 August 2009

Society of Homeopaths defends ineffective treatment for condition that kills 2 million children a year...


I'm not going to write a huge amount about this, because it is ably covered elsewhere. But the World Health Organisation finally came out today, and clearly stated that homeopathy should not be used for life-threatening conditions such as AIDS, malaria, TB and childhood diarrhoea.

The Society of Homeopaths (SoH) respond by saying that treating AIDS, malaria and TB would contravene their ethical guidelines. These guidelines are a joke, as you can see by perusing the Quackometer and Gimpy's blog. But apart from that, they say:

The Society of Homeopaths, the UK’s largest body of registered homeopaths, is concerned to learn, in an online article by the BBC (“WHO warns against homeopathy use’), that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has issued caution against the use of homeopathy for childhood diarrhoea following a letter by the charity Sense About Science.

They go on to cherry-pick and distort the research that has actually been conducted on homeopathy for childhood diarrhoea.

Well, who's surprised by that? Regular readers will be aware of just a few of the ways that homeopaths try to distort the evidence that homeopathy doesn't work. The point here is that the SoH, a supposedly professional organisation, is trying to defend a totally ineffective treatment for a disease that kills 2 million children every year. Homeopathy can't do anything to help, and using it instead of proper medical treatment could cost lives. I don't really mind if homeopaths sell ineffective sugar pills to the worried well in Alderley Edge, but this press release is delusional and irresponsible, and reasonable people should have no truck with this sort of dangerous nonsense.


Peter Blanchard said...

Treating AIDS, Malaria and TB is against SoH ethical guidelines? I've read the SoH's Code of Ethics And Practice back to front more times than I would care to mention and it certainly makes no mention of this. The Society of Homeopaths is well aware that certain members make claims that they can treat serious illness but do nothing. Some members of the SoH make illegal claims, yet the SoH do nothing.

Unknown said...
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