Friday, 12 December 2008

Post #100, and what Wilson is up to

The previous post on Manchester's congestion charge was the hundredth post on Hawk/Handsaw. I'd celebrate with a beer, if I hadn't come back from fieldwork in Egypt with some friendly bacteria that are currently restricting me to soup and toast.

For those how are interested in what I'm doing, I've just completed my first post-doctoral project at the University of Manchester. The first paper from that work now has a DOI number and is available as an "accepted manuscript" at the Journal of Structural Geology website (behind a paywall, I'm afraid: if anyone is desperately interested and can't access it, e-mail me and I can bung you a PDF).

I will be starting a new project in January, still based at Manchester, working on sub-surface data from the North Sea. I'll be sponsored by StatoilHydro, so I'll be doing a fair bit of work at various StatoilHydro offices in Norway, starting in Harstad in late January. It's a three year contract, so I have a bit of stability. The plan is to get more papers out, and try for lectureships towards the end of the project.


George said...

Congratulations me old chucka. Is that a 3rd paper then? And what is it with you and alcohol deficient countries? First Egypt, now Norway! No post-docs studying coal in Otley??


Paul Wilson said...

Yes, that's paper number 3. Hopefully papers number 4 and 5 are in review at the moment...

It's not that Norway is deficient in alcohol exactly, it's just that it's impossible to afford the alcohol that they've got. And the beer is, admittedly, rubbish. I had a pint in Bergen last week (I was there for the start-up meeting of the new post-doc), and it cost 88 Norwegian Kroner: about £8.55 at current rates. Granted that was in the airport hotel.