Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Science causes earthquakes...

Further evidence that the Independent will print any old rubbish. Richard Lapthorne, in a letter to the editor, writes:

"Given acceptance of the geologists' explanation of earthquakes as readjustments in the earth's crust, perhaps Bruce Homes (letters, 22 May) would see the sense of attributing them to acts of science rather than acts of God."

Scientific observation has revealed that "readjustments in the earth's crust", along fault zones, cause earthquakes. Ergo, science causes earthquakes. You just can't argue with that kind of logic. But why print these ravings in a national newspaper? I know the Independent is rapidly becoming a joke, but why accelerate the process?


Dr* T said...

I think (as ever) there is a Simpson's episode along those lines. The one where the asteroid is going to land on Springfield - the final quote is something along the lines of

"Let's destroy the observatory so that this never happens again!"

Paul Wilson said...

I'm always surprised to see life imitating satire like that. Although by now I probably shouldn't be.