Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Poor, poor Sheffield

A sad sight for me this morning, as I made my way to work and saw pictures of my flooded home town on the front of the Manchester Evening News. Sheffield, like Rome, is a town famously built on seven hills, so at least there are plenty of places that will have escaped damage. The Wicker and the beloved Hillsborough have not been so lucky.


Mich said...

Aye, it's a rum do. Scarborough got hit pretty badly too. The bottom of my parents garden and part of their street are both under water. No damage to property though which is good news.

I take it that you are OK?

Paul Wilson said...

Yes, I'm fine. Manchester is in the unusual position of being one of the drier places in the nation today.

Mich said...

What's this? No commentary on Phony Blair's departure from office? Are you ill or something?

Paul Wilson said...

I'm exhausted by it all. The possibility of Brown succeeding Blair has been discussed extensively since Blair announced he would not fight another election (i.e. more than two years ago). The Brown/Blair rivalry has been discussed even longer than that. Brown has definitely been taking over for several weeks. The papers have been full of it (in more than one sense), and there's nothing new or interesting to say about it. Not that that would normally stop me, I admit.

Mich said...

Fair enough.

I guess that I am well out of it. I should just be glad that I can ignore most of the rubbish that is being spouted in the media.

Your silence on the subject just seemed deserving of a comment, that's all!

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